Shakira Sison's "I am not pretty for your pleasure"

Lovely article on feminism in general, agree with almost all points but I do have to disagree with the 16th paragraph.


Skinny people are real women. Hairless women are real women. Women who use skin-whitening lotion are still real fucking women.


Lady Writer, with that paragraph you're basically invalidating ideas you spent an entire page emphasizing.


You're just giving up traditional "she was raped because she asked for it", "she wears short skirts so she's a slut" ideology for a newer one, but no less judgmental.


A woman is a woman, regardless of whatever she damn well wants to use to beautify herself. No amount of skin-whitening lotion or waxing or shaving or dieting CAN and CAN EVER make me any less of an individual or less of a "real woman".

Also, am I the only one being bothered by the way she seems to be referring to men in general? Uh. Yeah.


But I think too much, this is an overall well-written article and it feels like someone pulled the thoughts out of my head and laid it out all neat and shiny.