Yeah, no, Lynn Shephard!

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"I didn't much mind Rowling when she was Pottering about. I've never read a word (or seen a minute) so I can't comment on whether the books were good, bad or indifferent. I did think it a shame that adults were reading them (rather than just reading them to their children, which is another thing altogether), mainly because there's so many other books out there that are surely more stimulating for grown-up minds. But, then again, any reading is better than no reading, right? But The Casual Vacancy changed all that."


I didn't much mind you before I knew you existed. I've never read a word (of anything you've written) . . . But this piece of writerly tripe and pathetic jealousy changed all that.


What's really sad, I looked at her books. I might have liked them. Except now I'll never buy them.


Panda's Ponderings:


"The book dominated crime lists, and crime reviews in newspapers, and crime sections in bookshops, making it even more difficult than it already was for other books - just as well-written, and just as well-received - to get a look in. Rowling has no need of either the shelf space or the column inches, but other writers desperately do. And now there's going to be a sequel, and you can bet the same thing is going to happen all over again."


Just because someone got famous for their work doesn't mean they have to stop doing what they love or enjoy. 


"Enjoy your vast fortune and the good you're doing with it, luxuriate in the love of your legions of fans, and good luck to you on both counts. But it's time to give other writers, and other writing, room to breathe."




Because it's always some other person's fault that your book is not selling, isn't it? What is with this sort of mentality? Ohnoes! Some famous author is selling books, so it's diminishing my sales! 

How about this: let your book stand on its own merits instead of blaming this or that for not selling.


But anyway, I ramble too much, the whole article can be summed up in one picture: