Reading progress update: I've read 100 out of 240 pages.

Trash - Andy Mulligan

...and a few things are bothering me.




Why are the only ones who are helpful to the protagonists white people?


Why do the protagonists: Rat, Gardo and Raphael speak English extremely well when it was repeatedly emphasized that they do not go to school often? 


Keep in mind that even people who go to high school are, more often than not, not fluent in spoken English, especially in less urban areas, like say a dumpsite. You know, like the one the protagonists are living in. 


Why are children in a fucking jail when just last year, the idea of lowering the jailing-age to 17 was brought up as a possible bill?


We can't even jail seventeen-year-olds, much less children.


But the thing that bothers me most about this book is, 


Why does Mulligan keep insisting on treating me like an idiot and keeps slapping me in the face with umbrella terms like corruption?


Yes, I get it. Rich people r bad. Police r corrupt. White people r cool and nice and they give you money.


I understood those concepts the first five times I read it, I didn't need to be told twenty more times.